Resources for the media

Gaza Writes Back: Speaker Biographies


Refaat Alareer

Refaat is a Palestinian academic from Gaza who is interested in young emerging writers and works very closely with young Palestinians to help them develop their creative writing skills. Refaat Alareer is the editor of “Gaza Writes Back”, an anthology of 23 short stories by young Palestinians from Gaza.  He has also been teaching world literature, comparative literature, and both fiction and non-fiction creative writing at the Islamic University of Gaza since 2007.


Sarah AliSarah Ali

Sarah is a 23 year old Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip. She was born in Kuwait, and grew up in Gaza City. In 2013, Sarah graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza with a bachelor degree in English Language and Literature. Currently, she work as a teaching assistant at the Islamic University and as an English language trainer at AMIDEAST, a non-profit organization engaged in international education and training. Sarah’s contribution to the book ‘Gaza Writes Back’ was through her short story entitled, ‘The Story of the Land’.


YousefYousef M. Aljamal 

Yousef graduated from the Islamic University in Gaza in 2011. Aljamal is a blogger who is committed to promoting the Palestinian narrative in the West through translation and has organized, participated in and attended dozens of lectures and courses on translation, creative writing, social media, blogging and political discourse. He is the co-translator of ‘The Prisoners’ Diaries: Palestinian voices from the Israeli Gulag’ and contributor to ‘Gaza Writes Back’. Yousef is currently doing his MA in International Relations at the University of Malaya, Malaysia.


RawanRawan Yaghi

Rawan is a twenty-year old Palestinian from Gaza. Rawan started as an English Literature student at the Islamic University of Gaza, she then transferred to the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Rawan’s writings primarily took form in English following the 2008-9 attacks on Gaza. Rawan believes in the power of writing in communicating the hardships young Gazans experience regularly.


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