Kuala Lumpur “Gaza Writes Back” Book Launch

Saturday, Jan, 18th, “Gaza Writes Back” was officially launched in Malaysia. Refaat Alareer, Editor, and Yousef Aljamal were present. They both spoke about the book and their experience writing under occupation and followed that with readings from “Gaza Writes Back”.

Alareer spoke about the war and how it was “mainly intended to kill the hope in us, to smother the dreams we have, the dreams of peace and of freedom,” adding that “Gaza Writes Back” is “about life in the face of death, hope in the face of despair and selflessness in the face of horrible selfishness.”

Aljamal talked about the story of his eldest brother, Omar, who was shot by an Israeli soldiers and said, “This is a story among many other stories, the story of every single family in Palestine. It tries to convey the legacy of more than nine decades of colonization and occupation to the readers in a fictional way they can relate to.”


Norma Hashim, organiser and MC, Dr David (who officially apologies for what Balfour Declaration caused the Palestinians), Refaat Alareer and Dr Musa.

Yousef Aljamal, signs books for fans


Norma Hashim, thank you for everything.


Doctor Musa Nordin officially launched the book in Malaysia




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Yousef Aljamal(contributor), Refaat Alareer(editor), Norma Hashim(even organiser), Abu Bakar NAsir, and SABARIAH abdullah (of Saba Islamic Media)

Yousef Aljamal(contributor), Refaat Alareer(editor), Norma Hashim(even organiser), Abu Bakar NAsir, and SABARIAH abdullah (of Saba Islamic Media)


reading "Neverland" by Tasnim Hamouda

reading “Neverland” by Tasnim Hamouda


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