Gaza Writes Back: A Google Hangout

Joint the American Friends Service Committee and Just World Books for a Google Hangout with four of the contributors to the groundbreaking new book Gaza Writes Back: Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine.

When: 7:00 pm EST, Thursday, January 30th
Where: Online –

About the Book
Gaza Writes Back, edited by Refaat Alareer is a compelling collection of short stories from fifteen young writers in Gaza, members of a generation that has suffered immensely under Israel’s siege and blockade. Their experiences, especially during and following Israel’s 2008-2009 offensive known as “Operation Cast Lead”, have fundamentally impacted their lives. Their stories are acts of resistance and defiance, proclaiming the endurance of Palestinians and the continuing resilience and creativity of their culture in the face of ongoing obstacles and attempts to silence them. Whether tackling the tragedy that surrounds missile strikes and home raids, or the everyday indignities encountered by Palestinian refugees, through their writing these authors have brought to life the real issues that the people of Gaza face.

During the Hangout, Refaat and the other featured book contributors will discuss some of the themes in the book, and will read several short excerpts. This will provide a unique opportunity to interact with these four contributors.

Share the Experience with Others
We’ve already heard from a few people who are planning gatherings to watch the Hangout together, along with friends, congregations, or affinity groups in their home town. And we urge all of you to consider doing the same! This can be a great way to focus attention on the terrible restrictions that Israel imposes on all the people in Gaza, 47 years after Israeli military rule started there in 1967… while also connecting with, and celebrating, the talents and resilience of Gaza’s people.

All you need to organize a Hangout-watching party is:
• a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, that’s hooked up to
• a screen or screens large enough for everyone in the group to watch, plus
• external speakers powerful enough for the whole group if your computer doesn’t have them.

What is a Google Hangout?
Google Hangouts provide a space where multiple people can come together to speak and interact online. This hangout will involve a moderated discussion with the four authors as well as a question and answer period where viewers will be able to interact with the discussants. If you are unfamiliar with the Google Hangout format you can check out examples of past google hangouts organized by AFSC here.


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