Gaza writers’ US tour: The first 10 days!

GWB at UPennThe first ten days of the Gaza writers’ US-wide, Spring 2014 tour has been busy in the extreme! The writers– seen sitting above, l. to r., Yousef Ajamal, Rawan Yaghi, and Refaat Alareer— all did an amazing job participating in public and private events in Philadelphia, New York, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Now, they’re in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tomorrow they head off to continue the tour in the following metropolitan areas:

  • Chicago
  • Seattle & Bellingham, WA, and
  • the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you or your friends live in any of these areas, be sure to check out the tour calendar to see where you can hear and interact with these amazing Palestinian voices from Gaza!

We haven’t had nearly as much time to blog about the tour as we had hoped. Luckily, our friend Lora Lucero flew across from New Mexico to be with the writers; and she did a great job documenting some of the early stages of the tour on her blog. Be sure to check out these posts there:

In addition, the writers have already gotten some notice from the media– and we know there’ll be more coming along.

Alex Kane of WBAI’s ‘Beyond the Pale’ conducted this fabulous audio interview with Refaat and Yousef, on March 30.

Refaat on HuffPostLiveDid you catch this great show on HuffPost Live that Refaat and Rawan appeared on last Friday? (They come on at 20:10… If someone out there can cut out that last segment and repost it on Youtube or someplace, please send us the link!)

Also, we really appreciated the great essay about the book and the writers that Alan Goodman posted on, after he hosted a wonderfully rich author event for them at Revolution Books in Manhattan, last Saturday.

Here’s a key excerpt from Goodman’s essay:


Rawan Yaghi talks with two audience members after the Revolution Books event

I asked Rawan Yaghi about what went into drawing on her life experiences in writing about the horror of being subjected to an Israeli bombing attack. She spoke about how every time she recounts the story she contributed, she re-lives the pain of what she writes about. But that these stories are not “hers,” they belong to the people they describe. And she talked about how not keeping this all to herself is part of resisting. The courage of all these authors is inspiring…

We’ve made one first photo album on Facebook— of the writers’ time in Philadelphia– and we hope to make more, when we can.

We’ve been trying to keep up with all the great responses the authors’ appearances have garnered so far… But we’ve definitely missed a bunch of them. If you have any more links we should add, please put them into the comments here. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Gaza writers’ US tour: The first 10 days!

  1. السلام عليكم اخي العزيز
    انا حابب اعمل ماستر في الادب الانكليزي و حابب يكون موضوعي عن صدمة الحرب و ما بعدها فاحبب انت يكون موضوع رسالتي هو روايتكم .
    ولكن يلزمني التواصل معكم ان كان لديكم الوقت

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